Last week we welcomed a new tiny friend home, Chachi! Everyone has quickly fallen in love with him and he has steadily become the center of the household.

The latest episode of Chihayafuru really hurt, even though I made sure to catch up with the manga in order to prepare myself for the sadness, it still hurt. oh no. Unfortunately it only gets worst for Taichi from now on..well, it eventually gets somewhat better though, I think??? I hope. I’m cheering for you Taichi! 😭

Holiday season is here,which brings some of my most favorite things: eating and sleeping.

Looking back this has been by far one of the best summers for artbooks, some of my favorite artists and shows got dedicated art books. My favorite one was the Eureka Seven Archive Art book by AnimeStyle, it had plenty of Kenichi Yoshida work which was WONDERFUL! We also got not just one but TWO Sushio artbooks which i’m forever thankful for. I can’t wait to see what the next summer will bring!✨

I started watching the third season of Psycho Pass and I’m really enjoying it! I don’t really remember the second season all that well and the first season is vague in my mind, but OH BOY this season slaps. Arata and Kei make interesting protagonist.