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Some new books, I’ve gotten my hands on!
Takahumi Horis newest Genga art from C97, it has his work from the Steven Universe Movie as well as Carole & Tuesday and other works.

Tarou’s Kicks Vol. 2 I’m a huge fan and sucker for some well drawn shoes (plus some very cute girls as added bonus!) as it was a must get.

Takashi Mukouda’s Fortissimo, which has his work he did for the later half of the Kazetsuyo anime, I truly love the cover for this!

The Children of The Sea genga artbok is so very detailed and just so breath taking, I can’t wait to see the movie once it hits theaters in the US.

Baby I Love You Daze is an animated music video created for Lotte’s 70th anniversary, and it got an artbook, if you haven’t seen the music video I highly recommended!

Natsuzora opening artbook.

Saito Kengo’s Animation Works, which has the work they did for the Galo-Hen short from Promare.

Here U Are, I’m a huge fan of this webtoon it is so sweet and so lovingly drawn so I totally jumped on the opportunity to get the physical book.

Atarashi Hoshi (New Star) Kii Kanna’s (3peace/niwa) latest doijinshi, and to no one’s surprise it’s a Promare doujin. Looking at her website and blog it’s hard to not notice what a big fan of Promare the artist is. I love this book, it’s definitely one of my favorite’s from her (as a big Promare fan myself I might be a bit partial to this lmao). If you’ve read her serialized manga Umibe no Étranger then you know she has a very unique and silly way to portrayed her characters, so to see her interpretation of Galo and Lio be just as silly and cute was a real treat!❤

I’m still waiting on a few other books, but this is a great start to the year! Looking forward to what new books I can get my tiny gay hands on as the year continues!