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Finally gearing up for the next chapter of my webcomic, with the bit of extra time thanks to the pandemic forcing everyone to stay at home. I've managed to get back into working on my webcomic and picking up the story once again. It's very strange to revisit the story now, after I spent the later part of last year working on an outline for it's graphic novel version. Now working on it without those restrains of a graphic novel, feels a bit more liberating, and I'm so excited to get back to drawing my children.

Got a small batch of books made that collects the prologue and short comics of my webcomic, ever since I started this comic it has been a small dream of mine to compile the pages into a perfect bound book, so this was very exciting and fun to see, there are some errors on it like the logo pixelation as well as some words missing in a page. So if I ever run a bigger batch I know what I need to fix!