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Got a small batch of books made that collects the prologue and short comics of my webcomic, ever since I started this comic it has been a small dream of mine to compile the pages into a perfect bound book, so this was very exciting and fun to see, there are some errors on it like the logo pixelation as well as some words missing in a page. So if I ever run a bigger batch I know what I need to fix!

About Colors in the Witch of Luminoza.
I often get comments about people pointing out that they enjoy the colors in the comic and I’ve been wanting to talk about the use of colors in my comic for a while, because I love playing and using color palettes to bring out the most out a scene. I did this deliberately in Chapter 1: Blue Monday. As the tittle of the chapter says Blue plays big role in this chapter, used to portray the solitude and uninterested aspect of Zahir’s first day of school. Gradually as the chapter progresses and he meets Eliot there is a bit more of saturated color that sprinkles into his surroundings, and by the end of the chapter there is now a warm light that envelopes Zahir to symbolize his new found friendship. I think colors have so much power in storytelling it’s very fun to play around and see what you can get away with or what you can incorporate more of and improve. So if you work in color I encourage you to also think of your story in hues and colors but most importantly have fun with it. I think what makes me enjoy the coloring process the most is picking the color palettes and seeing the pages, colors and narratives come together along with it.